Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My new tabletop game : BumKiller!

There's been a recent, worldwide rash of gang attacks on bums. Or, perhaps, a recent, worldwide rash of reporting of already frequent gang attacks on bums.

According to gamepolitics, people are quick to blame these beatings on videogames.

As always, there's one sticky wicket -- there isn't actually a game that allows you to get a gang of people together and beat defenseless homeless people to death.

Until Now.

I'd like to announce my new tabletop game, BumKiller!

What you need to play BumKiller! :
5 players
one six-sided die

The rules :
Every player rolls the die, and the player to the right of the highest roll is the "Bum". All the other players are the "Emo Teens".

The first "Emo Teen" that beats the "Bum" to death wins the game. You beat the bum by rolling the dice.

These are what the die rolls do :

1 - Swing at Bum and miss
2 - Swing at Bum and miss
3 - Swing at Bum and miss
4 - Swing at Bum and miss
5 - Swing at Bum and miss
6 - Listen to Emo and Die

So, now, everytime you hear about people beating a bum to death, remember, they are only doing it because I invented this game.


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